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As we shift into the yin energy of autumn with shorter days and cooler weather, we’ll naturally spend more time indoors. From a Feng Shui perspective, the more time spent in a space, the greater its impact in shaping your mood, energy and life experiences.

In this issue of Harmonious Living, we’ll explore using the “power of place” to enhance greater wealth and abundance in your life and share tips for stimulating “fame and recognition” at the office.

Blessings for an abundant Autumn,

               Cynthia Chomos
               Feng Shui Consultant / Color Designer / Speaker / Teacher
               (206) 919-0107  
               info@cynthiachomos.com  |  Visit CynthiaChomos.com

P.S. Feel free to forward this newsletter to family, friends and anyone interested in creating positive and harmonious surroundings.

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Feature Article

Feng Shui for Wealth

Featured Product
Space Clearing Incense

"Good Chi" Tip
Recognition at Work

Resource Spotlight
Is your home impacting your health?




Feature Article: Feng Shui for Wealth & Abundance

pot of flowering violets   bagua showing wealth corner

Autumn is a time for reaping the harvest of the season and giving thanks for the abundance of blessings in our lives. While abundance is often associated with money, there are many expressions including family, friends, good health, freedom and ease. Regardless of your current situation, you can use Feng Shui, the art of placement and design, to support greater wealth in your life.

Using the baqua life map, a mapping system applied to the floor plan of your home or room, you can activate the “power of place” to support your wealth goals. The wealth area is either the SE corner of your home or room (using compass directions) or the far left corner when viewed from the entrance. Once identified, you can energize this area with specific colors, artwork and symbolic décor.

5 Feng Shui Tips to enhance greater wealth in your life:

1. Color Energy.
Purple, red and green are the colors of wealth. Add a green plant (lucky bamboo or jade plant) to symbolically “grow” your intentions or use colorful art and décor to stimulate wealth energy in your home.

2. Add Water: Water represents money in Feng Shui and is represented by the color black. Consider adding a water fountain, fish tank, pictures of water or décor that is reflective like water such as a mirror or glass objects for greater money flow.

3. Create a Wealth Altar. Visual reminders are a powerful way to reinforce your desired life experiences. Create a special display using money, photos of family and friends, positive quotes, desired possessions and experiences to reflect your goals.

4. Repair Broken Energy. Anything that is broken or in need of repair can drain the wealth potential in your life. Replace burned out light bulbs and be sure to remove items you no longer use or need. This creates space for new opportunities to enter your life.

5. Enhance your Image. When you look good, you feel good. Is your closet organized? Do you enjoy getting ready for the day? Consider updating your wardrobe and hairstyle. Research indicates the way you look is key to attracting clients, getting a better job, earning more money and being considered more intelligent and dynamic.

Have fun enhancing the wealth energy of your home and life! For assistance with feng shui, color design, space clearing or personal wardrobe color, call or email to schedule a consultation. Gift Certificates for special occasions are also available.

Home & Office Consultations

Get inspired with a Feng Shui, Color Design, or Space Clearing consultation for your home or office. Savings also apply to garden design,
pre-purchase home analysis, home staging, and remodeling projects.

$150 hour

(includes FREE Personal Directions Chart
for Wealth, Relationship Harmony
and Health
, a $15 value)

Email or call Cynthia at
(206) 919-0107

Gift Certificates are available.

Personal Color Analysis for Wardrobe

Enhance your natural beauty with a personal color analysis for wardrobe consultation. Enjoy wearing colors that enhance your personal energy!
Personal Color Analysis A 2-hour consultation includes an analysis of your natural coloring and a personalized color fan. You'll receive a "Style Guide" with tips on value contrast, intensity, and color temperature for creating a fabulous look that uniquely reflects YOU. Save time and money when you shop more efficiently!

Investment: $275
(includes personalized color fan)

Catio Spaces – Free Consultations
Feng Shui for Felines! Create a safe and stimulating environment for your cat to enjoy the outdoors in a Catioan enclosed outdoor space – designed to complement your home.

Guaranteed to create a positive cattitude, catios vary in size for
a window, patio, yard or deck with access through a window or cat door. Catios are designed and installed by a licensed and bonded design/build team.

Visit www.CatioSpaces.com
and email Cynthia for a free estimate.  


Featured Product:  Sage Aromatherapy Incense


Clear stagnant or negative energy from your home or workplace with aromatherapy sage incense. Great for creating harmonious living spaces, moving into a new home, office, staging a home for sale, or when feeling stuck or low energy in your life. Each hand-crafted bundle of 10 sticks has been selected for it's pleasing fragrance. Includes instructions.

Click here to see additional Feng Shui products.

Good Chi Tip of the Month
~ Recognition and Fame at Work ~

Give yourself extra visibility at the office by energizing your fame and recognition area. Located in the south area of your office, consider hanging awards, certificates, photos or letters of recommendation on the wall.  Associated with the fire element, you can also add red décor, lighting or a green plant to “fuel the fire” for extra recognition.

That's "Good Chi” . . . and a tip for enhancing greater visibility at work!


   Resource Spotlight:

   Is your home     house
      impacting your health?

Most recently, cell phones and Smart Meters (which use wi-fi to transmit usage data back to the utility company) have been gaining attention with a growing number of studies linking them to increased health issue risks ranging from insomnia, fatigue, autoimmune disorders, and various cancers including childhood leukemia.

Risa Suzuki is a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant who helps her clients create healthier home and office environments by identifying electromagnetic and wireless frequencies, educating them on the potential health impacts, and providing mitigation recommendations.

Risa has over twenty years in the software world, and her personal interest in electromagnetics and health impacts led her into a new career combining technology, education and health. Like many of her clients, she is sensitive to wi-fi and finds inspiration sharing how to mitigate environments for greater health and well being.

For home consultations, real estate pre-evaluation assessments, or speaking engagement inquiries in the Seattle or San Francisco areas, please contact:

Risa Suzuki
(206) 799-5363

www.suzukienvironmental.com Suzuki Environmental Logo

Class & Event Schedule
Sign-up early to reserve your space!

NOV 17
Feng Shui for the Home
6:30pm-9pm, (Tuesday). Get inspired with Feng Shui tips for your home. Great class for a hands-on experience with Feng Shui. Bring a floor plan of your home to class. Limited to 8. $40. Location: Ballard.
To register

JAN 21
Feng Shui Tips for the New Year!
6:30pm-9:00pm, (Thursday). Learn how to energize your home to support your New Year intentions. Bring your list of goals and a floor plan of your home to class.
Limited to 8. $40. Location: Ballard.
To register

Classes are also available for organizations and special interest groups of 10 or more.
Email Cynthia for details.


Watch "Feng Shui for Felines"
on Evening Magazine!


 "Autumn carries more gold in its pockets
than all the other seasons."

~ Jim Bishop


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