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daisiesThe Healing Home
by Cynthia Chomos
(Seattle Woman Magazine)
There's no place like home — a healing home, that is. Far beyond aesthetics, form and function lies the potential to turn an ordinary abode into a healing haven. Like a soothing balm, it can melt away stress, embrace you in the midst of life's challenges and provide surroundings for soulful reflection.
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positive spacesPositive Spaces Aid Office Energy
(Seattle Times)

No one at Marianne Barkman's real estate office in Bellevue looks at her funny when she tells them she's been Feng Shui'd. Many of her colleagues' work spaces have been touched by the ancient Chinese philosophy of placement. About a third of their clients ask about it when house hunting. Barkman herself will tell you she was promoted to a senior vice president position at John L. Scott Real Estate just two weeks after her office got the Feng Shui once-over…The mind behind Barkman's workplace transformation is Cynthia Chomos…
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Good ChiFinding Good Chi
(Peninsula Gateway)
Feeling a little stressed? Not feeling well? It could be a problem with an improper dose of chi. Nothing that a little dose of a centuries old science couldn't cure. It's call Feng Shui — pronounced fung shway — and it's the ancient Chinese art of placement for enhancing the flow of positive energy, or "chi," in a person's surroundings. It's been around for centuries, but only recently did its popularity start to pick up in the western world.
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Internal HarmonyInternal Harmony of Feng Shui
(Puget Sound Business Journal)

Have you ever gone shopping for a new home and known within seconds, sometimes before you've seen the whole floor plan, that the house was not right for you? Or entered a store, only to turn around and leave. Those reactions, justified or intuitive, are the basis for Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy about the relationship between humans and their environment. The Chinese have long believed that all objects, people, plants and places have energy…My Feng Shui research brought me to the home of Cynthia Chomos. Implementing Feng Shui principles, she has created an oasis of peacefulness on an arterial street.
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Cynthia ChomosClutter is Like Clogged Arteries
(Downtown Source)

Are you agitated, overwhelmed or just feeling blah when you enter your home? It could be the fallout from a long day. Or it could be a sign that you need to redirect your ch'i — the energy all around us. Cynthia Chomos is a Feng Shui consultant who specializes in creating harmonious living spaces. As Chomos points out, "Clutter is like clogged arteries in the energy flow of a home. The key is to reduce the clutter and organize it."
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Garden with Positive Energy
(Honolulu Star Bulletin)
Many a gardener would be pleased if their work yielded some cut flowers and a basket of tomatoes. In Cynthia Chomos' mind, the stakes are much higher. Follow the principles of Feng Shui, she said, and your garden can grow wealth and stronger relationships. "Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement for enhancing the flow of positive energy in an environment," said Chomos. "Everything you experience from the path you walk to your front door, to the placement of furniture, clutter, color, plant life, even the previous occupant's experiences, creates an energy pattern that shapes your life."
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What is Feng ShuiWhat is Feng Shui
Literally translated, "Feng" means wind and "Shui" means water. Deeply rooted in a connection to nature, Feng Shui is the 4,000 year old Chinese art of placement and a philosophy that suppors living the awareness and harmony with our surroundings. Based on time tested principles of how we perceive and respond to our environment, Feng Shui helps identify and correct negative environmental influences as well as enhance the flow of positive energy to support success and well being.
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